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Why Freebies?!

Why Freebies?!

You might think that that's a funy title for a blog post on a crafting inspiration blog.  But stick with me and you might like the information that's included in this blog post.

I'm sure if you think about it you already know the answers in any case.

Why would any business give something away for nothing?  It's basically all the same answer - they hope you'll like it enough to come back and buy something.

So, thinking about the designer at Dragons Lair Designs - why would she give freebies?  (And lately there have been a lot of freebies.)

  • Free mini-kit or quick page from a specific collection, such as a newly launched collection - she obviously hopes you like it enough to come back and buy the whole collection - and why wouldn't you, because they are lovely collections to work with, with lots of posibilities, as the creations of the DT show.
  • Free anything from the online store, in the DLD Fan Group, etc. - she hopes you will like the quality and designs to come to the store to buy something else.

And I have to say that I liked the digital downloads from Dragons Lair Designs so much that I'd bought lots of different ones way before I joined the Design Team.

What should you do if you think a friend would like a freebie you've been to collect
  - give them the link to go and collect their own.
(Never give anybody a copy of something you have received free in this way, You are only being given it free for your own use, not free to hand out to others - the only person who has the right to decide who has copies of their work and under what terms is the copyright owner.  Even if you've paid for a digital download you have usually only paid for a licence to use it yourself, so no giving away those for free to friends either.)

I've been quite busy lately making different things with freebies from Dragons Lair Designs land.  And I haven't even used all of what's available.
Most have been blogged on my own blog, but not all have been put up on this DLD Inspiration Blog, so I thought I'd take the opportunity to show you some.
To save on wareing my fingers out typing I'll just give you a link to the location of the freebie and the location of the blog post that details of my creation can be found on - if I've already made something.

Freebie with the Sunday Showcase - 10th April
I made this "Quick Scrapbook Layout – Double"

Freebie with the Sunday Showcase - 3rd April
I made this "A Butterfly Card"

Freebie with Artistic Expressions - New Digital Download Collection Launch At Dragons Lair Designs
I've not made anything with this freebie yet so here's an image of what you get.

Freebie Sampler of Artistic Expressions Collection given to members of Dragons Lair Designs Fan Group
You need to be a group member to get this one, but just ask to join.

Freebie with Sunday Showcase - 27th March
I made a "Mae’n Fyw! – He Lives!" Easter Layout

Freebie Floral Frame given to members of the Dragons Lair Designs Fan Group to colour and create as part of the April group colouring challenge.  Again, you need to be a member to get given the digi-stamp, but it's easy to join.
I made a "Music Themed Easel Card" using the freebie frame and other DLD digi-stamps.

Freebie with Sunday Showcase - 20th March
Here's my "Spring Is In The Air" creation made using this freebie.

Are these the only freebies available? - No!
I did say at the begining that there were a lot of DLD freebies released lately, didn't I!

So what are you waiting for.  Why not take this opportunity to use some Dragons Lair Designs items yourself.  And then come back to the store to see what else you can find.  There are often discounts on items to look out for as well.

You might also like to head over to our DLD Challenge Blog - here - > - as we are running an "Anything Goes" challenge this month.

Hope you have found this post of interest.  Remember, keep your eyes out for even more freebies coming soon.  And even more fantastic collections to buy over in the Dragons Lair Designs online store.

Till next time - Have Fun Crafting!


Dragons Lair Designs Inspiration Blog Design Team Leader
(And if you are wondering "who's Gwyneth?" - then you'll find an "About Me and My Blog!" piece on my blog.)

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