Thursday, 28 April 2016

Tutorial using the NEW Quick Page Templates

I have been asked how my new templates work, so i thought i would do a picture 
tutorial i hope it helps, and shows you how easy they are to use for a quick layout your way :)

I use Paint Shop Pro X8 but as long as you have a program using layers you are good to go.

Step 1 - Open your Template

Step 2 - Choose the Papers you wish to use.

Step 3. Open your first paper in your program.
Copy your paper ( Edit - Copy)
Paste as a new layer on top of the template
Make sure it is UNDER the template
(select and drag down) 

Step 4 - Repeat Step 3 with the second paper, dragging it to the MIDDLE layer

Step 5 - Select (Highlight) your TEMPLATE layer and grab your MAGIC WAND
click the area you wish to delete - you will get marching ants.

Now Select the paper you wish to alter in our case the MIDDLE LAYER and hit DELETE

Step 6 - You now have your two papers in place :)

Next we add our photo, UNDER the template layer but on top of the papers.

For my Photo the template is the wrong way so we will rotate it.


Step 7 - OK now i am going to size my photo to fit behind the squares.

Or you can fill each square with a different image, or use the large space
for the photo and the small squares for papers or elements.

OK Now select your MAGIC WAND and the TEMPLATE LAYER
select the large area at the side of the squares, switch to your MIDDLE PAPER 

Step 8 - I am now adding a drop shadow to add some definition

Select the TEMPLATE LAYER and your DROP SHADOW ( White Arrow on Image)
and add a drop shadow of your choosing and press OK 

And thats it, all you have left to do now is personalize it with Elements or Journalling.


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Maggie Adair said...

I don't have any of your templates - yet.

Isn't it easier to just hit Ctrl G to clip it then merge the layers?


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