Sunday, 28 March 2010

MONTHLY Special 99cent Stamp available NOW

Dont miss out on the fantastic offers over at Stitchy Bear Stamps there are a range of stamps all priced at 99 cents you can grab this one from me now

You can pick it up HERE until the end of April 2010

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Two new Stamps in store

Its no good you know i am just tooooo organised i am all caught up for sunday and the 50/50 AND i got two new stamps up today toooo WOW me thinks a lay down is needed here :P LOL well make the most of it as the next few days are going to be hectic for me but i will deffo be here for the GRAND OPENING OF STITCHY BEAR STAMPS ON SUNDAY :)

You can grab these as usual at my store and (hint hint) STITCHY BEAR STAMPS LOL wellllllll we need you all to come lookie now dont we :)

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Meet Jiggy

Meet the newest member of my little Dragon family, Jiggy so named as he is the never sits still member of the family lol we meet him here in a rare moment of peace while he plays woth the flowers, you can see him in store now at Dragons Lair Designs and Stitchy Bear Stamps

New Card

The 50/50 Club Stamp this month was a cute bunny and i found this adorable card created by one of the members and just had to share, thankyou so much foir using my stamp Ilonka you can visit her blog here

You can now grab this stamp in store at Dragons Lair Designs and Stitchy Bear Stamps

Monday, 15 March 2010

Standing Horse Stamp

Just look at this proud fellow mane blowing in the wind how grand will he loook on your cards and projects and he is in store for you right now :)

Stitchy Bear Stamps and Stamping Dragon Designs

You found the Easter Egg Congratulations :)

Saturday, 13 March 2010

Adrift in Dreams

My new paper pack is here somthing a little jazzy for you I think it will be perfect for both masculine and feminine projects, 12 Papers all in 8.5 x 11 in size they are perfect for cards and other hybrid projects

Dragons Lair Designs     and      Stitchy Bear Stamps

Sunday, 7 March 2010

NEW Penny Stamp

New in store today is a new Penny Dragon Stamp she is so cute i can see so many uses for this one, you can pick her up at my store as usual but also at the BRAND NEW Stitchy Bear Stamps store.

Staming Dragon Designs    or    Stitchy Bear Stamps

Saturday, 6 March 2010

Oerghhhh One more and then i have to GO lol

Ohhh dear i knew it was a bad idea buying this stuff LOL this is one i made yesterday and i had to try making it up and see what it looked like this actually could be my mothers day card for my mum unless i make somthing better before sunday :)

NOw i HAVE to go do some stuff Stitch will be cracking that whip soon and she not the only one Kara will be too lots to do gotta catch up lol

Thanks so much for looking :)

Hybrid Cards 2010 - 3

Ok ladies here we go

After chatting with Sam yesterday i decided to take the plunge and go buy some goodies so i could actually have a go at this here card making lol I only got some basics like card a few do dads and glue etc but i can see more coming cos i think i am hooked lol

The first one i tried out was a card i created digitally for Your Special Delivery i think i need practice with that there knife lol

And then moved on to a challenge at KJoi Studio's the Joifully hybrid cards challenge i had fun lol so i am sure you will see lots more :)

Hybrid Cards in 2010 = 2

Friday, 5 March 2010

Sams been a Busy Bee

Sam has been absent of late as she has been a busy busy bee setting up the challenge blog for Stitchy Bear Stamps if you fancy a challenge go and have a peek see what she has been up to you can find it HERE she took time out though to use my new sixties babe stamp, me thinks she likes as sher made two lol

thanks so much sam they are absolutly gorgous :)

Cold Fed Up and Playing

At 11am this morning my boiler decided to give up working, and i have to say COLD has not been in it, so not being able to settle to the jobs i have on my to do list i decided to play some more ( i must say i am getting worried now i mean i am actually enjoying it and thinking of buying card to make these up lol) so here is what i came up with i hope you like it :)

50 Follower free Stamp by me and the southern comfort page kit by Dragons Lair Designs (me lol) made this card its 5.5 x 11 at printable size back and front showing ( not sure thats a legit size but hey i have to work with my printer here lol)
and the sketch one from PageMaps new selection of card maps :)

Thursday, 4 March 2010


The 50/50 Club Stamps have just been released and i just HAD to play with this one, its the cutest Lion Stamp from Stamp N Doodle and my daughter will sooo love it when i print it out for her

Papers Rustic Culture from Dragons Lair Designs


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