Friday, 31 May 2013

Guest blogger of the month..

Hi everyone..

Time for this months Guest blogger..

This month we are featuring group member Debbi Taylor.
Here is what Debbi has to say:

I have been crafting for about 6 years and love most forms of paper crafting... I mainly make cards and tags but am trying to move more into scrap booking to take advantage of all the photographs that I take.
I have recently discovered altered art and I love where this can take you - the texture the layers and the different embellishments that you can add to it... I blog my makes and hope that this will inspire people to craft and share what they have created, but have been so busy recently that I have not had as much time to share!
I am a stampin up demonstrator and have been for just over 4 years I love their products and love the fact that they colour co-ordinate EVERYTHING!
this makes my crafting OCD feel so much better
I love steampunk and the Stamping Dragon image that I have used is perfect - I have kept my card very simple and not coloured her, as I did not want to take away from the detail...
I hope that you like the card that I have created!
happy crafting

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Tutorial Tuesday - Mini Album Tutorial by Janette Padley

By Dragons Lair Designs May 20th 2013 – Any Similarity to any other
If you would like to use any tutorial please
ask me

Ok I have been asked to show you how to make this cute little Mini album, and belive me it is easy peasey, you end up with a 6 x 6 Album with 8 6 x 6 pages and 8 3 x 6 Flaps to decorate and add tags or photo's to, so lets get started ......

What you will need to start off with is a paper cutter or scissors, 3 sheets of 12 x 12 Paper and sticky tape or glue, whichever you prefer.

I am making mine using plain card so i can decorate it with patterned paper afterwards, but you could go straight for patterned papers the choice is yours, as long as you have 3 12 x 12 sheets of strong paper .

Ok lets cut the paper up and get ready to start ......

In my case i am using three shades of purple, decide where you want your colours in the album then start cutting .
Base Card ( Outer Card and Accordion insert)
Cut at 1 x 6 x 12 & 1 x 5.75 x 12

Inner Flaps Colour 2

2 x 5.75 x 12

Center Flap Colour 3

1 x 5.75 x 12

2 x 6 x 6

Ok are we all ready to score our card ????

Front Cover (Base Card)

Score at 2.75 & 3 on each side

Accordion Piece ( 5 x 12)

Score at 4 & 8

Colour 3 - Score at 3 & 9

OK  thats the hard work done now lets put it together :)

Lay out your 3 inside pieces with your centre Colour in the middle, we are now going to glue the edge of one and stick the flaps together to make one long sheet

See Photo below

Fold the pages you have just glued so you have a square then flip it over and glue the back.

Taking the Front Cover ( Scored at 2.75 x 3 on both ends, Centre the pages on the middle of the cover, and stick down.

We now have 3 bits left the 2 6 x 6 squares and the accordion
fold, the Accordion goes in the middle of the book and is glued down to flap open downwards, Now you can glue this in now OR wait until you have decorated your pages if you are going to cover it in patterned paper, I will be sticking mine down later.

Once folded you should have  like this ......

Ok guys this is the last step :)

Taking the two 6 x 6 squares glue the front  flaps as shown below and then attatch your 6 x 6 Squares.

And there we have it a mini book all ready to decorate :)

Heres one i made earlier so you can see a finished book.

You can add pockets to your pages as below, so you can decorate tags and pop them in, OR you can mat photo's and slide them in too, giving you loads of options for more photo's been added.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and feel the urge to make one, If you do i would love to see, feel free to link your page below :)

All thats left now is to have fun.


Sunday, 26 May 2013

Interview with DT member Jackie Smith

 Morning bloggers..

Here is an Interview with another one of our DT members,
This time we are featuring
 Jackie Smith.

Tell us a bit about yourself..
 My name is Jacqueline Smith and I'm 48 years old. I hail from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada where it snows for at least 6 months of year and longer, like this year . I'm single mom with a 18 year old son named Cameron. We also have a yellow lab name Sarah and a Ball Python name Snappy, not my idea for a pet.

* How long have you been crafting & Why did you start??
I started crafting when my son was quite small around 2001 thinking I would scrapbook his life with all the pictures I took. But what really started it, was when I went to this Store called Western Educational Activities where I was looking for some books for my son who is special needs and went to the other side and saw these wonderful cards. I actually thought I could make cards cheaper than buying them at Hallmark. Ha, Ha! was I ever wrong. I met this fabulous lady name Cathie Allan who taught me everything I know about making cards. I think my cards are more expensive but they are a labour of love especially when I went thru some difficult time when I lost my husband to Cancer 5  years ago. It gave me a sense of happiness when  I was dealing with my grief.

* What is your favorite craft/style/tecnique?
 My style is I put my heart into every detail of the cards I create, which varies from unique cards that have a simplicity to the, to more elaborate cards that are engaging and detailed. My cards are unique with emphasis on the exquisite detail for every occasion and no two cards are exactly alike. This keeps me inspired to keep defining myself as a card maker whose intricate cards give great joy to people and me when they receive my cards. I started blogging in  November 2010, because I needed somewhere to have my cards shown when I did  card challenges for stamp c companies. Then I wanted to have companies send me free product so I decided to try my hand at Design Teams and I'm on 5 different design teams right now.

* What are your crafty plans for the future??  
  In the future I would love to go to Ranger University and meet up with Tim Holtz and the rest of the gang. I would love to get on bigger Companies like Sizzix, JustRite, Gina K, FLourishes and Our Daily Bread Designs to name a few of the bigger companies out there. Maybe I would have my own line of stamps too! But in reality, I love to colour and enjoy the creativity of making cards and scrapbook pages.
Show us some of your DT work for Stamping Dragon Design.. 
Here is a few bits of what I have made for Stamping Dragon Design so far.
 If you want to see more of my work, please visit my blog.


 And that is it from us for this time. Hope you all enjoyed getting to know Jackie a bit better.
Thank you for stopping by.
Janette & Marleen xx

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Tutorial - Brushes in PSP

Using Brushes in PSPX

By Dragons Lair Designs May 15th 2013 – Any Similarity to any other
If you would like to use any tutorial please
ask me first.

Ok Brushes what have I heard from peeps “Scary, Too hard” LOL Rubbish
have a go at this and you will see how easy they are

Ok lets Get started I am going to create a 8 x 8 Paper in this tutorial
So you can see the effect

Open a new transparent Image 2400 x 2400

Start by choosing your background Colour and flood your image

Choose your Brush, the arrow shows you where your selection is click the arrow
at the side of the leaf for your full list, once you have chosen one adjust the
size, mine is a small brush so i am taking it up to its fullest of 500px

Create a New layer

Now choose the Colour you want your brush to paint and click away
creating the pattern you want, if you make a mistake just go back Control & Z

This is my Initial Page but i am now going to add more brushes to create a paper
Create each new brush on a new layer then you can adjust them if needed.

Ok here we are you will see i have used three different brushes to create this paper
with varies layer styles, have a play and see what you come up with the layers
can change things totally.

Right lets give this paper some texture and get ready to save it :) 

Layers - Merge - Merge Visable 

Adjust - Add/Remove Noise - Add Noise 
My settings are Random - 50% - Monochrome Ticked 
But play around see what you like best 

Add some texture - Effects - Texture - Texture 
Choose a texture you can see my settings below

Ok now save & name your paper and you are done 

Play and have fun you will come up with some fantastic results.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial if you need any help or have any questions please feel 
free to contact me and I will help you as much as I can.

Monday, 20 May 2013

Featuring DT member Tracey Mowbray

Morning everyone..

Our fantastic DT member Tracey Mowbray, has been extra busy this week.
She agreed to do a project, specially for featuring here for you all to see..

This is what she came up with:

A fantastic card, Im sure you agree..

For this project, Tracey used the image "Bobby Plays the Drums"
You can find him in the STORE...

If you wish to see more of Tracey's work, do pop over to her BLOG..

Thank you for stopping by and have a good day :-)
Marleen DTL xx

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Interview with DT member Jo Hood.

 Morning bloggers..

Here is an Interview with another one of our DT members,
Jo is our expert when it comes to working with pre-coloured images and card kits.

Tell us a bit about yourself..
 I am a stay at home mum to Hayden who is nearly 2. I am wife to my darling husband Gary who is my best friend, rock and soul mate. We have been together for 5 years and married for 2 years this October. We live in Lochgelly, Fife in Scotland.

* How long have you been crafting?
I have been crafting most of my life. I loved art when I was at school and really wish I had kept it up when I left. Crafting sort of went to the back of my mind as I was growing up and life started to take over. What with holding down 2 full time jobs and enjoying life with my friends.

 * Why did you start?? 
  When we decided to get married, crafting came back into my life in a big way. We decided to make as much as we could to keep our costs down for the big day. I made bouquets for myself and the 2 bridesmaids, the button holes for the groom, best man and my dad. I made a 3 tier cake as well. We also made all of our order of services. I made all the bouquets for the mum's as we both have 2 each. I also made up activity boxes for the children that attended through the day according to their ages.

In Feb 2012 we made the decision that i would quit my job and stay at home with Hayden. I needed something else to do to keep me busy and sane. And so I started up my crafting again. I love it!!!!!!! It helps me keep my head above water at the end of the day. I do most of my crafting once Hayden is in bed.

* What is your favorite craft/style/tecnique?
 I don't have a favourite craft/technique or style as I like to keep trying new things all the time. At the moment I am enjoying finding things that I can alter.

* What are your crafty plans for the future??  
 I decided in November 2012 to go one step further with my crafting and to start up my own business. So in December 2012, Tinkability Crafts was born. I love my job, it means so much to me. I love seeing my customers faces when they come and pick up an order, it's a great feeling.

Future plans for me at the moment is to get myself out there some more and to expand my range of stock to cater to peoples requirements.

Show us some of your DT work for Stamping Dagon.. 
Here is a few bit of what I have made for Stamping Dragon Design so far.
 If you want to see more of my work, please visit my blog.

 And that is it from us for this time. Hope you all enjoyed getting to know Jo a bit better.
Thank you for stopping by.
Janette & Marleen xx

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Backing Paper with Bleach from Tina Teasdale

We want to share a new tutorial today.
Our DT member Tina Teasdale has once again been busy over in our Facebook group.
Tina is our altered Arts Crafter and for this weeks DT day she has created a background tutorial.
Here it is.. Enjoy..

Create backing papers using household bleach. A few basic goodies that could be used .

 I have dipped the butterfly stamp in a solution of watered down bleach and randomly stamped onto brown card stock( top left pic) , I also used a stamp with script on dipped in the bleach solution and stamped onto terracotta card stock( bottom left pic) and a paintbrush dipped in the bleach solution for the other two pics .

This pic shows the brown card stock backing made using the butterfly stamp mounted onto a card blank and frame created with a gold metallic Promarker.

And here is a quick card created using the butterfly card stock . The image is mounted onto the script card stock , added a floral flourish card candi in the corners and gold organza ribbon bow to the left side and a sentiment , The image is available as one of the freebies over in the Stamping Dragon Facebook group. .

Dont forget to have a peek at the other great images available in the

Stamping Dragon Store.

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Tutorial - Basic Layout in PSP by Janette Padley

Basic Scrapbook Layout 

By Dragons Lair Designs April 29th 2013 – Any Similarity to any other
If you would like to use any tutorial please ask me first.

Starting out in scrapbooking can be daunting, you see all the awesome Layouts (LO's)
created by seasoned scrappers and think Ohhhh Myyy I am really not good enough
to do this I can't share anything it's not good enough !!!!!!!

Sound familiar ? Well have a go at this basic layout all you need is some papers and elements there are free items all around the www (and in store if you look around) and a photograph

Instructions are for Paint Shop Pro but this should work with most programs you will just
need to adjust to your programs settings
This is the picture i am using

The kit i am using is a Free Kit called Gabrielle by AnaFlor Designs

This LO will be 8 x 8 but you can work at any size you wish just re size your paper
and then sharpen it to restore crispness

The most popular page sizes are 12 x 12, 8 x 8 and 8.5 x 11 you may want to
browse some albums and decide what size you want to work at first.


This is the layer pallet every time you add something to your layout a new layer will
appear this enables you to moves the items around as you go so make sure you always
Paste as NEW LAYER when adding to the layout.

 Open your paper and re size if needed - In this case we will re size to 8 x 8

Now we will duplicate the paper (Shift & D) to work with the original is then
safe and ready to use again at a later date, now go to Layers and
Promote Background Layer we are now ready to start putting this together.

Ready ok lets play :)

Start by right clicking on the bar above your photo and copy

 Now go to your layout, again right click on the bar above your paper
and choose Paste - Paste as New Layer you now have your photo
ready to move into place, choosing the tool, move your photo
into the desired position.

looking at your layer pallet now click on the background layer, now
with the background selected right click and choose New Raster Layer then OK

Now choose another paper and open it in PSP making sure your new blank
layer is selected in the layer pallet create a shape with the selection tool
In the Selection Type choose the shape you want I am using Rectange.

We now want to flood this shape so choosing the Materials Pallet
click on the box ( in this example the one with the swirly pink pattern)
and find your paper then click OK 

Now click the paint can left click the mouse into your selection
to flood fill the area, your layout should now look like this, Selections
Select None to deselect.

Add a Drop shadow to add realism ( The Arrow shows you the button to
press to access the Drop Shadow Option) 

At this point i am going to repeat this step to add more papers
just keep going until you are happy with how it looks, then we will
move on to the elements

Ok Ready this is mine so far 

Now lets get some elements on there have a look at what you have
and decide what you would like to add.

now a couple of things before you start layering them on
if somthing is too big or a little too small you can resize it easily

Choose the PICK TOOL to resize - When finished just change to the Move Tool

Also if you find something you wish to alter in this case I want to
reduce my Photo you can do this in place easily

Select the area you want to KEEP make sure the layer you want to
change is highlighted in your layer pallet then use Shift & Control & I
to Invert the selection and hit delete - Selections Select None to deselect


Everybody Scraps differently some like lots of elements and papers
Some like the simpler look, so let the layout talk to you, YOU will know
when it's finished as it will feel right.

Don't forget to check out the Shortcuts Page for a list of
Keyboard Shortcuts 
to make working easier.

 I hope you enjoyed this tutorial if you need any help or have any questions please feel free to contact me and I will help you as much as I can.

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Interview with DT member Angela Deasy

Morning bloggers..

Here is an Interview with one of our DT members,
Angela is our digital expert on our team. She does cards & scrapbooking but all digitally.

Tell us a bit about yourself..
My name is Angela, I am married to the brilliant Patrick and Mum to the fabulous Ian. I started this obession with crafting when I first moved to Germany where I could not find greeting cards for English speaking family and friends. I have recently returned to Ireland from living abroad and the family is hoping to settle in the South East of Ireland, where we can enjoy the 'Sunny' South East and I can finally make good on my intention to set up my card-making  and  scrapbooking business.

* How long have you been crafting?
  I've been crafty since my son was in junoir school, making decorations for Easter, Chriatmas  and so on, but  it really got hold about 10+ years ago. Since then it has been a hobby that has grown and grown, and I am supported  and encouraged in the madness by my ever supportive family and friends.
* why did you start?? 
It was the first birthday card for my God-daughter Emma that sowed the seeds of crafting. It went  from a show -box full of papers and embellishments to my own craft-room and all the paraphernalia that goes with it.  I suppose this is not a million miles away from how a lot of crafters started.  I love it !!!!

* What is your favorite craft/style/tecnique?
I love working with stamps and inks. Profoundly influenced by artists like Tim Holtz and Jennifer Mcguire who have opened my eyes to some wonderful techniques and styles.  I have also recently become infatuated with digital crafting, teaching myself how to use Photoshop and marrying some of the traditional crafting to the digital to (hopefully) create some mixed media projects.

* What are your crafty plans for the future??
Like I said earlier, I would dearly love to have a business that is centred around handmade cards and crafts. I have always appreciated the time and skill  it takes to make a hand-blown glass, a fired-clay pot, original art that inspires. I want to get my craft space sorted in our new home, which should signal the start of this venture. I love the feel of a piece that has not been through a mass production process, where you see the makers thumb-print in the paint or ink or clay. and I believe there are lots of people who feel the same.  I have recently signed up for a caligraphy course and I am waiting to for a place on a Letter-press printing course with the Irish Print Museum.  Owing a hobby printing press would be heaven for me. I just nedd to find one that doesn't cost the earth. 

Show us some of your DT work for Stamping Dagon.. 
Here is a few pieces of what I have made for Stamping Dragon Designs so far.
If you wish to see more of my work please visit my blog.


And that is it from us today. Hope you enjoyed getting to know Angela a bit better.
Thank you for stopping by.
Janette & Marleen xx

Friday, 10 May 2013

New challenge is LIVE...

Good morning everyone..

A little post to tell you all about the new challenge that has just, this very morning, gone LIVE over on the challenge blog...

Do pop over to join in HERE..

We thought we would show you what goodies the DT has been using for this challenge..



These are just some of the few products we have in the store. All designed by
Janette Padley.
Do pop over to the STORE to se the full range.

Thank you for stopping by.
Janette & Marleen xx


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