Friday, 28 November 2014

November Colour Along -

Hiya colouring friends,

With the release of the the fantastic and gorgeous Francheska Collection...

With it's beautiful sepia tones, I was inspired to play with some colour combinations to co-ordinate with the collection. 

I have done three examples with the colour palette becoming gradually warmer. With the colours fading into white the blender pen is essential.

I would always advise to make yourself a colour chart with all your pens as they are really indispensable when it comes to working out what colours you want to use or even better, colour matching.

For the first image I decided to use:
Shale, Slate, Sandstone, Umber and Ice Grey 1 (plus the blender)

I like to work with the image I am co-ordinating with beside me when I'm colouring.

Below you find step by step photo's on how I coloured the first image


As you can see below just by using different colour combinations you can get a variation of different sepia tones. I will now add this to my colour combinations book so I can use it as a reference in the future.

Well, I'll see you again next month.

See you then

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