Monday, 6 February 2012

It has to be said .....

It has to be said we are Artists that work hard for our craft, we do it for love but also to help pay the bills, and in alot of cases it does not bring in much, but still people think they can take our images and share them free of charge to others, and not just to friends to huge groups of people on social media and other sites.

There excuse seems to be they bought it they should be able to share it, or they cant afford to buy them so have to get them this way  .. Popycock is all i can say

Does this mean that if we cant afford somthing we can just go out and help ourselves .. I dont think so ...... It makes me so mad that they are slowly killing the craft they say they love so much.

Please support us Artists and report anything you see that is Illegall

Rant over and Thank you so much

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THERESA said...

This is so, so sad and i seem to see this everywhere now, yikes, what are they thinking??? That it takes 5min to draw an images, sheez, let them try!!! Maybe ALL artist's should do a posting of this kind so that more people can be aware of what this envolves, newbies does not realize the impact it has on the industry!!
lotsa luv


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