Friday, 10 February 2012

Did you Know what Year it is ??????

Thats right its the year of the dragon and the dragons are so excited that its there year at last, they have decided to put a selection of special stamps out this year and here are the first three, but first a lil about them

Occupying the 5th position in the Chinese Zodiac, the Dragon is the mightiest of the signs. Dragons symbolize such character traits as dominance and ambition. Dragons prefer to live by their own rules and if left on their own, are usually successful. They’re driven, unafraid of challenges, and willing to take risks. They’re passionate in all they do and they do things in grand fashion. Unfortunately, this passion and enthusiasm can leave Dragons feeling exhausted and interestingly, unfulfilled.

Now we dont want that do we we want them happy lil dragons so pop on over and have a peek at them HERE they will be so pleased to see you.


Angel-23 said...

Oh these are just so adorable.
Hugs Rachael xx

Sherlie said...

I made a Dragon card for my grand daughter fir her 9th birthday last year, will get a pic of it and post it.

Carly said...

I was born in the year of the Dragon ... way back in 76! and I'm also a Leo ..... he he he he .....

Gorgeous new dragon images!

xoxoxo Carly


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