Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Crafting on a budget - flowers from around the home

 Hi everyone I hope that you are all well and happy. Its time for this fortnights Crafting on a budget feature and as the title suggests I have created a flower using things that can be found around the home and I hope that you like it.
Pic 1
Shows a selection of things I used to create the flower. (also used some newspaper. not pictured )
 Pic 2
 I have cut out some petal shapes from the plastic cream tub and some newspaper . I also cut out a circle shape from the cream tub and attached the petal shapes to it using double sided red sticky tape to form the flower and added a button to the centre.
Pic 3
Shows the flower completed. I have used a piece of twine for the stem and cut out of newspaper two leaf shapes.
Pic 4
Shows a card I created using the flower I made, paper, card and embellishments from my stash.
The paper under the gingham is from the aged journal - Angels collection available in the store.
Of course there are many materials around the home that can be used to make the flower so why not have a look around and see what you can come up with!
Thank you for stopping by and don't forget we still have a challenge running over on the challenge blog and lots of fun stuff going on on a daily basis over in the Facebook group so come along and join in the fun.
Hugs and love
Tina xx


Gwyneth said...

It looks great with you. I like the idea. Do you think the callories in cream won't count if it's just eaten to get an empty tub to craft with?
From the SDD FB Group Blog Ladder

Tina said...

no hun the calories wont count lol! I mean a girls got to do what a girls got to do to craft havnt they lol xxx


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