Friday, 10 April 2015

My Inspiration Project for "The Pansy Collection"

Hi, it's Nan here with my project from the "Pansey Collection"!  This was so easy first because the collection has so many wonderful elements to play with and second the thrown away box from a mega store that I salvaged/saved.  I put a frame from the collection on the center section and stamped and embossed a letter "B" (for my last name) and flowers from the collection that I had made 2 copies of and cut the one of the sheets of flowers centers out.  I cut each separate petal on both pieces and glued the copy of the center on the whole flower.  I also bent each petal to give it dimension.  They turned out so lovely!  And the side sections have pansy journal cards from the collection layered on the sides.  And to cover the front edge I cut the journal cards to make a border and added another beautiful flower.  This project made itself really due to the "Pansy Collection" having such awesome elements and the box being perfect for my magazine rack! And her it is:

You can find the collection HERE and it is 40% off the whole collection for this month!  The following links will take you to all our Dragons Lair Designs sites.

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Gwyneth said...

A lovely creation. It's great to see projects other than just cards made using The Pansy Collection to show its versatility.


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