Wednesday, 28 January 2015

January Colour along - Basic Blending

Basic Blending

The key to blending is knowing any lighter shade will move the darker shade around. So, when blending two colours together, always use the lighter one to blend.

This month I am using the Autumn Leaves digi, available from the shop.

Step 1: Choose three colors that will form a natural blending group, light, medium and dark. I have chosen Apple, Grass and Lush Green Promarkers

Step 2: Colour the whole area to be coloured with the lightest shade (Apple). This saturate the paper, this helps with the blending process
 Step 3: Add the medium shade (Grass) to areas to be darkened. Leave some of the lightest shade (Apple), this area will become your highlights.
 Step 4: Now add the darkest shade (Lush Green) to the shadowed areas. Make sure to leave some of the medium and light shades.
Step 5: Now we move onto the blending process. Using the medium shade (Grass), flick outwards where the dark and medium shades meet. Do not go over the entire dark shaded area or too far into the medium shaded area
 Step 6. Using the same technique, blend the medium shade into the light shade with the light colour (Apple)
 Step 7: Repeat steps 5 and 6 as necessary to get a smooth transition from light to dark.
 And here's all the leaves coloured in the same way

Here are some more colours I had a little play with for Autumn Leaves

See you next month

Happy colouring

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