Saturday, 15 March 2014


Hi everyone! Fiona here, with the second of my Promarker colouring tutorials.
My colouring rules:
1. Do NOT compare your work to others. We all have to start somewhere, and there will ALWAYS be someone else's work you think is better than yours!
2. PRACTICE is the golden might not make perfect, but the more you practice, and experiment, the better you will get!
3. Colouring is FUN!!! If you're not enjoying it, walk away and come back another day!

I am, by no means, an expert. I've been colouring with Promarkers for just over two years and I still get it wrong. I am here to share my techniques and hopefully help you in some way.
So here goes:

Today I am sharing my technique for colouring BROWN hair. I am using Bedtime Girl available in store.
There are many colour combinations you can use but this is my favourite. Today, I am using the "flicking" technique; the method stays the same whatever colour you chose!
Starting with WALNUT, make small flicks towards where the light would catch the hair

Next colour is HENNA,  flicking over and beyond the WALNUT flicks
My third colour is TAN, again extending those flicks toward the centre
Then, as always for depth, repeat the whole process, adding more flicks if you want to
This is the end result with TWO coats of colour
However, to add even more depth, I have added small flicks of COOL GREY number 5

It is entirely your choice on how many layers of colour you use. It depends on the finished look you want.
Don't be scared! Give it a go!
I'll be back next month with another tutorial. Please comment below if there's anything you'd like help with.
Big Hugs
Fiona xx

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