Saturday, 19 March 2016

More From the Elves Collection

I lost my very dear daddy in January unexpectedly and I miss him beyond words.  I wanted to pay tribute to this wonderful man and this collection named "Elves"  has given me such peace and calm when working with it.  I wanted to add some photos but my computer refused to do it after at least 10 restarts so I took the hint and went with what I had already and maybe that was what I needed to do.  Here is my page to add to my escape scrapbook dedicated to my daddy.

He always thought everything I did was fabulous even my worst :) and I think that says it all about being Daddy's girl, the only child, loved so very much and encouraged at every step in my life.  I know he is watching and saying good job as he always did.

Do try and join us in our challenge this month, a fun Bingo grid so lots to choose from and show us your work on our Fan Page!  We love seeing your work too and we have some awesome ways to win points towards use in the store, too!  And help us welcome Susan as our Fan Page coordinator and expect great things to come with this talented lady!  I am listing all our sites below and places to find Janette's fabulous work in one easy spot!  Hope to see you soon!

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