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Inspiration by Gwyneth - March 2016 - Elves

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For our March posts every Dragons Lair Designs Inspiration Blog Design Team member will be working with the wonderful new collection "Elves" that was launched in the Dragons Lair Designs Store Yesterday.

This collection has very much a vintage feel to it. Although the elves are great for some occasions, they may not go with everything you want to do - but the beauty of the collection is that it contains backgrounds and elements that don't show the elves as well (Have a look at the digital-scrapbook layout I did for the collection launch to see a creation that doesn't show the Elves).  So multiple styles of items can be made with different looks from this one collection.

As my first piece with the collection didn't use the elements that showed the Elves I decided that I needed to use them for this Inspiration Blog post.  So I decided to make a card.

In fact, I got a bit carried away and made 3 different cards. Unfortunately the photograph for one of them isn't good - despite taking more than once - but it shows you an idea for a layout.

These are what I used:

Stamping Dragon Designs Item:
Items from the "Elves" collection available - here - in the store.
Launch day freebie from this blog -> Here!

Black 7" square card; White 7" square card; A4 sheet of 300gsm cardstock; Sheet of Adorable Scoreable cardstock in a toneing colour.  Roller glue tape pen; 1mm deep double sided foam tape; Foiling glue; Gold touch senseitive foil; Zig Glue Pen; Glue Gel; Butterfly Charm; Burnt Sienna ProMarker;
Scissors; Hougie Board

Cards & Method:
I started by printing out various backgrounds and elements from the collection and then cutting them out.

For this 1st card I took one elves topper and two backgrounds from the collection and cut them to size.  The topper was stuck to a piece of Adorable Scoreable cardstock and cut to leave a small margin. The background panels were distressed around the edges with a scissors edge.
I dabbed some foil glue in various places on the base card and on the panels and applied foil.  I then used my roller glue tape pen to attach the backgrounds and foam tape to attach the matted topper.

 Angled view of card.

 After cutting out a background to fit my base card I started off by attaching this.  Then I added the torn edge and ribbon element.  I decided to only use the base image and two layers of the pyramid topper and I lightly went around these two layers with my scissors edge to roughen them up a bit so that they would stand out a bit on the card.  The bottom layer was attached using a roller glue tape pen and the two layers using 1mm deep foam tape.  I then used a Zig glue pen to add dots in various places on the paper ribbon and to write Penblwydd Hapus (which is Welsh for Happy Birthday) to the bottom of the card.  Onto these glued areas I pressed a sheet of touch sensitve foil.  It actually turned out smoother than I wanted so I then scratched the foiled area to distress it a bit, which I felt was more in keeping with the look of the image and backgrounds.

For this last card, in the style of a "screen" that opens out and stands in a zigzag fashion, was made using three of the bookmarks on the bookmark sheet.
These were again stuck to a sheet of Adorable Scoreable and trimmed to leave a very small margin.
Taking the width of these matted bookmarks into account I used my Hougie Board to score a sheet of white cardstock, trimmed the extra off and folded to make my screen card.  I also cut a smaller panel from the Adorable Scoreable, but turning it back to front, to make a panel where the greeting can be written.  Once I had stuck all the matted panels onto the base card using my roller glue tape pen I used the ProMarker to go around adding faux stitching.
I finished off by colouring over the butterfly charm using the same ProMarker, because it wass too silver looking for this card, and then stuck it to the front of the card using glue gel.

The closed card.
A couple of slightly different angles of the opened out card.

And that is it from me for today.
Please keep coming back regularly to look at new posts as, over the next few weeks, you'll find various "Inspiration by ..." posts appear on this "Dragons Lair Designs Inspiraiton Blog", as well as other posts by different Design Team members.  I'll be back with more posts over the coming months as well, so keep an eye out for those.

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Till next time - Have Fun Crafting!
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