Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Summer Fun Season At Dragons Lair Designs

Hi everybody!

For July and August we are going to have a "Summer Fun Season" here at Dragons Lair Designs Inspiration Blog.

We are going to let our Design Team members choose their own items from the Dragons Lair Designs Store to work with to make whatever they think is suitable for the theme of "Summer Fun".

I'm looking forward to seeing what they think of as Summer Fun and what creations they make.

  • Is their idea of Summer Fun being able to lock themselves in their craft room and getting messy?
  • Will it be scrapbook pages of holidays or trips out and about? 
  • Will they go for a "wet day" project of colouring in with younger members of the family?
  • Will it be mixed media items including bits picked up from the beach? 
  • Will they prefer to spend their time in their own garden at home - perhaps gardening, or perhaps having BBQs or garden parties having created hand made invites for family and friends?
We'll have to wait and see!  So please do come back regularly during the month to have a look at the new creations made by the Design Team Members.  I'm sure you'll be inspired to craft when looking at their creations.

I've started having a browse around the Dragons Lair Designs store to think of some ideas.  Here are just a few of the digi-stamps that you might find useful in your Summer Fun crafting -

  • What about sending a friend an invite to pop over for a cuppa and a chat using Floral Tea Set

  • Scrapbooking photos taken on a day when everybody had fun cooking, either for a bbq, picnic, or as a "wet day" activity - using Baking Utensils and Baking Day to embelish your layout.

  • Perhaps your idea of summer fun is a day out in a boat, fishing.  If so you might like the digi Fishing Trip.

  • And if you want to just sit back and do nothing then how about Just Chillin.

Got to stop now or the list will go on and on as there's so many digi stamps in the Dragons Lair Designs store to choose from.

I'm going to have a look at the papers and collections next - I think that some of the patterns would be great to make paper bunting to hang out in the garden for a party, and perhaps for children to make paper lanterns to hang as well.

And remember to come join us in the Dragons Lair Designs Fan Group on Facebook as I'm sure there will be some Sumer Fun activities with loyalty points and other prizes to be had throughout the summer.


We'd love to have you join us in our Fan Group and post up some pictures of any creations you make using DLD items - there are even a few items available for free to Fan Group members.

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Till next time - Have Fun Crafting!
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(And if you are wondering "who's Gwyneth?" - then you'll find an "About Me and My Blog!" piece on my blog.)

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