Friday, 31 January 2014

Chinese New Year - Year of the Horse

People born in the Year of the Horse are clever, kind, animated and energetic. Although they sometimes talk too much, they are cheerful, perceptive, talented and love to be in the centre of a crowd. They are popular among friends, active at work and have a deft sense of humour.

2014 is the year of the Wooden Horse. Wood Horses are strong and stable and have a better ability to make decisions. Excellent at interacting with others, they are successful personally and professionally.

Do you know anyone who was born in this year ?

If so why not check out the inspiration from the team below, you can find out mpore about this Chinese year HERE

Gwyneth created these gorgeous cards just for the occasion :D

"I got my hands on my nephews new pencil crayon set and did this one as a lighter roan and brought in the Chinese symbol for Year of the Horse."

"Horse card, co loured with Pro Markers and decorated with blossom."

You can see our selection of Horses in store HERE

These are from Past DT Members :D

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