Monday, 9 November 2015

Inspiration By Gwyneth - November - Christmas Gifts

Hi everybody!

Just a short post from me today.  Just an idea.  Something to consider doing.

Have you ever had a stamp or digi stamp that you want to try some different colouring with, or are not sure what medium to use, but decide not to experiment with different colour schemes because you will only use one of the image coloured in and don't want to waste paper and ink?

Well what I've done for this inspiration blog post is to take a digi stamp into My Craft Studio, evenly space the image 6 times on the sheet, and print it out.  I then coloured the sheet in using different colours and pen types for each image.

This is what I finished off with.
The digi-stamp I used is:

And there are the pens I used.
1. Spectrum Sparkle.
2. Nuvo.
3. Spectrum Aqua.
4. ProMarkers.
5. Pro and Flex Markers.
6. Left uncoloured

After colouring I cut each of the images out in the shape of a tag. By doing this  none of the images will go to waste, as the ones I don't put on a card will get used as simple gift tags on parcels I will give this Christmas.  Of course, you can do the same with non-Christmas images and use up coloured images for birthdays and other occasions.

Sometimes it's just fun to experiment with differnet colouring for the same image - even colours you wouldn't normally use.

And that is it from me for today.
Please keep coming back regularly to look at new posts as, over the next few weeks, you'll find various "Inspiration by ..." posts appear on this "Dragons Lair Designs Inspiraiton Blog", as well as colouring tutorials and other posts by different Design Team members.  I'll be back with more posts over the coming months as well, so keep an eye out for those.

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Till next time - Have Fun Crafting!
Dragons Lair Designs Inspiration Blog Design Team Leader
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