Tuesday, 28 October 2014

October colour along - No line colouring

Hiya colouring buddies,

Autumn is definitely in the air, so this month we will be using the cute Yohoo's Pumpkin Digi

Before I printed the image I uploaded it into my Craft Artist software so I could lighten the lines ready for the 'No line colour' technique.

It's very hard to see n the picture, but when printed the lines are now much lighter.

Pen used are:
March Hare (Spring/Summer 2014 Limited Edition)
Pastel Beige
Lush Green
Cool Grey 2

Firstly, with a flicking motion use March Hare and start to colour where the darkest areas with be.

Now do the same with the Tan marker, but don't go out as far as the first colour

Repeat the same process with the Cinnamon marker, but don't go as far out as the second colour.

Repeat the first three steps again, but this time come a little further out with each colour

Using the same technique, colour the head as below

For his belly, I used a light set of colours : Almond, Satin and Pastel Beige.

Using the Almond, colour whole area...

and then add some shadow using Satin

Darken the edge of the shadow a little more with some Pastel Beige (sorry for the state  of the pen. It's one of my original pens that is still going strong :)

Now complete the face using the same process. And to add a bit of texture, take your blender pen and lightly dot all over the areas you have just coloured

And then the feathers you coloured earlier

Colour the whole beak with Oatmeal (remember to leave a white highlight spot)...

Add some shadow using a Apricot marker

And blend together with the Oatmeal

Then fill the whole pumpkin in with Oat meal to blend together (sorry there is no picture of this step, it disappeared from my camera). Complete the neaxt two pumpkins in the same way. And then colour the stalks as below using the pens: Apple, Grass and Lush Green

I slightly darkened his eyes using a Cool Grey 2 pen, but this step is optional

His feet are finished using a Burgundy pen

For the grass and leaves I used the same colours as the stalks: Apple, Grass and Lush Green, as follows.

For the grass I thought I'd us a slightly different technique to give a feeling of texture. I dotted the colours on each colour layer and I really think it gives you the feeling of texture rather than a flat colour

Still using the dotting action, use the Apple marker to blend together.

I can't wait to see your colour along finished images. So why not pop over and share them on our Facebook Group (don't worry they are a friendly lot). See you over there

Until next month

Happy crafting

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