Saturday, 28 June 2014

Colour along - Lily

Hiya, Debbi here again with this months colour along. Hope you can join in and post them on the Stamping Dragon Designs Facebook page.

Today we will be colouring a beautiful Lily from the Stamping Dragon Designs store.

I have mostly used Flexmarkers for this project. I started by using Pink Lavender (it's hard to see on the photograph) on the petal. Don't go right to the edge as the kind of Lily I am doing has white edges.

I then added some Pink Pearl, but didn't go out as far as the first colour.

Taking the Sorbet I added a stripe in the centre

I blended everything together using the Pink Lavender

I then added  some spots at the base of the petal using the Wild Orchids marker

Carry on the same process with each of the Petals in turn.

I then used a Oatmeal Promarker to colour the stemen...

And then added some Ginger Promarker

I followed the same process for the budding flowers  excluding the spots.

I started colouring the stem and leaves by first using a Honeydew Flexmarker

I the added the some Aniseed to the shadow areas

Using Chartreuse I darkened the shadowed areas a little more

I blended it all using the Honeydew marker

The same process was used for the two bad, but this time I used the Aniseed to blend

Lastly I took my trusty Ice grey 1 and added to the the shadowed areas an also outlined the whole flower image

And here's the finished image

Thank you for stopping by and I can't wait to see yours over at the Stamping Dragon Designs Facebook page. See you over there


Gwyneth said...

Beautiful colouring in. I love your choice of colours.

Joanna Dickson said...

Love these colour lily's. Just starting out colouring so really useful, thanks xx

Hilly's Crafts said...

Fab colouring - love your choice of colours x big hugs x

jane stillman said...

A great tutorial and gorgeous finished project - thank you for sharing x


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