Saturday, 14 December 2013

Guest Bl;ogger - Vera Lynn

This months Member Blog showcase goes to Vera Lynn :D

My name is Vera, I have been crafting since around 1996
The first craft supply I ever bought was from the old "Ben Franklin store",
I wish we still had ours.
The first things I ever crafted were Christmas ornaments
back then with my husband,That same year made Christmas ornaments from Upcycled C7 bulbs I didn't do much crafting after that because, of work and our son came along in 1998.

I started up again around 1999 when I joined Stamping' Up!
It was such a waste of time because, soon after that pretty much the economy went to crap
None of my family, friends acquaintances could afford to buy anything, plus we just didn't have the space to make room for me to craft.
I stayed with it maybe two years but my second child arrived in 2001
and I said enough is enough... . 90% of the sales were to myself.

Once she started getting around good, I stopped crafting again and boxed it all up because,
she was getting into everything..
Finally when she hit 7 years old and both kids were less destructive and exploring less,
I pulled it out and started working in front of them,
she was so excited and it made my heart melt when she wanted to join in too.
She has been crafting with me since 2008.

I still have a whole heck of a lot to learn, when it comes to layouts, and coloring with alcohol markers.
Took me years before I could afford to buy my first complete set of alcohol markers
and another year before I bought the paper..
70-80% of my craft supplies are either from resale shops, yard-sales, free cycle yahoo groups and Cafe yahoo groups.
I am not ashamed that most of my stuff is used
My aunt is like your not supposed to tell people that you got that from a yard sale or used store.
To her I replied, "I am proud to be thrifty and that I save money whenever and wherever I can".
And it allows me to buy stuff I normally could not have bought..

Well, enough blabbing onto sharing my card.
I made this card using 2 cute digi stamps from Stamping Dragon Designs
Janette combined the couple and the scene for me because,
I needed them for a wedding card...  Romantic picnic

There were a lot of other things I wanted to add, but due to 3 people being sick on and off since the end of October in my family, I just don't have the time to make the card like my niece would have liked Never the less I love it

Pop along and Visit Vera Here

Scrapping Hideaway

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Gwyneth said...

It's lovely to read about your journey into crafting Vera. And so nice that you could get your crafting stuff out again and that your daughter wants to get involved with you. And there's absolutely nothing wrong in buing stuff wherever you can find what you want cheapest. Buying bits and making yourself is what crafting is all about, and if you can buy any bits cheaper, like you siad, you can buy stuf you normally couldn't have bought.


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