Friday, 13 January 2012

WOYW Can you belive it

I started actually making cards in early 2010 and i remember saying at the time, i will not go over board i am only going to give it a go, after all i make the stamps i ought to understand it all, but that does not mean i will become addicted ..

Like RIGHT !!!!!!!!!!

This is what i started with back then, a small case of a few essentials

Today i found the photo above and thought wow what was i saying just look at my work area now, i take up one whole side of the kitchen workspace and have drawers and srawers full of stash, what can i say other than If like me you just want to have a go but will not be buying all those papers and getting carrioed away ....



HandmadebyTLC said...

I hear you dear! Join my club! *smiles* Nice to run across the Dragon today, hope all is well?
Tammy Louise

Carly said...

he he he ... yep and it happens so fast!

xoxoxo Carly

bohemiannie! art said...


kaz_za's crafty corner said...

lol.... can not believe you only started off with that little amount... lol.. my 1st purchase was a winnie the pooh set off qvc... after my mam gave me some peel offs and some bits of cards to start me off... lol... i still have the kit.. and only used a couple of bits out of it.. but not i have my own craftroom..... lol.. and its full to the top.... so i know the feeling.... lol


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