Wednesday, 11 August 2010

End of Summer/Birthday Sale

A Note from Stitchy Bear Stamps

Hello All my Crafty Friends,
I wanted to be sure that you all knew what we've been up to around the shop as of late...It's been a very busy time at Stitchy Bears.  The big news is we have merged with another very well known shop around town called I Did It Creations, you may have heard of them, well since the merge, we have made one big happy crafty place for all your digital and printable needs.  We are now the new and improved

Stitchy Bear & I Did It Creations Crafting Boutique

Quite a mouthful huh, well wait til you see what all the girls/guys have been filling the shop with, you won't believe your eyes!!!
We were all sitting around chatting the other night and I heard one girl say Today is my birthday...well that post went for a mile long with things like, I just had one last week and my birthday is tomorrow and I am celebrating next Tuesday for mine, well you get the idea lol..
So all that were there, decided to have a sale to celebrate summer birthday's...We all chose a certain % (you can find the list at the home page on the shop)  So why not pop in and see all the new products they are putting on the shelves. 

Best to have a cuppa something it may take you a bit ;)..

Happy Crafting from you favorite little Crafting Boutique around town

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