Sunday, 30 May 2010



Yes we are moving but dont panic we are still moving in to our new home so you can still find us in the normal place for the time being but please bookmark the links below so you can pop in and visit our new home.

A Note from Stitchy Bear
I am writing this note to all our wonderful and loyal customer's to tell you
of some exciting news in the upcoming month...
First I want to thank you all for making Stitchy Bear Stamps what it is today... we wouldn't even be here without each and every one of you... With that said, Sue and I decided that we want to take this one level higher and merge with another established store and a very good friend of ours, Robyn.  

All this means is we will have a name and address change and join forces with Robyn's creator's and that will bring you even more of a variety of creations to play with...

So bookmark these links 

I did it Stitchy Bear Did it You can do it too

ok this is sure to get shortened in mails lol but you know where we are huh :)

The Challenge blog stays as it is so that one is fine, the only other change is our BRAND NEW FORUM  the grand opening is on May 31st so come and join us 

So boys and Girls hop on over and pay us a visit the dust is still settling but i am sure you will LOVE it there :) 

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