Thursday, 29 April 2010

Chaous and New Cards

Good morning i am heading out in a few mins to go to college i have to be honest it will be good to get out of the chaos that is my house at the min, i started decorating my living room on monday and although it is all done now its still arghhh lol you cant move in the kitchen for the furniture and nick nacs ect we all have decorating our space and the room itself is a little bare to say the least, my carpet comes tommorow wooo hooooo then i can get back to normal and maybe even get in my Paint Shop Pro and create somthing not a chance how i have to work now lol - as you can see i am perched on a chair arm so please excuse typo's.

Anyway less of all that and on to the reason i am here, my new team have been ultra fast and handed in there first projects and what can i say but WOW they are fantastic, please pop along and leave them some love on there blogs they would love for you to pop in :)

DragonLlew using Jiggy with Floral Frame

Sammibugs Scrapshack using Baby Giraffe and the Free Fence Stamp

Ok ladies have to run i ho0pe to be back as soon as possible probably saturday fingers crossed :)


Sammibug said...

Sounds like you are busy busy busy! Hang inn there, it will be over sooon!

Marlene said...

Busy lady! Don't forget to take a break. ;)

Love working with your images! So much fun.


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