Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Critique Please

I was sat here tonight too tired to do anything much, so decided to try a card which is somthing i have been meaning to do for ages, now ok you may say this is cheating as its a Digital Card but i could add some embelishments after i print it now couldnt i !!!!!

So come on guys tell me where i went wrong, berate me for doing it digi anything is welcome so i can maybe learn how to actually make cards :)

Paper & Lovers Stamp from Challenge pack
Ribbon by me and Love Stamp by me


Tammy said...

Sorry but i can't berate you! I happen to like it!

craftykitten said...

You can only berate someone if they have done something wrong - I don't see anything wrong in this card at all. Digi is the new rubber so where's the problem??? This card is just so gorgeous, and what makes it so stunning is it's simplicity!!!! Fab, love it.
Dawn xx

KymKreates said...

I think it looks lovely!!

Susan's crafty chaos said...

Your card is fab, I hope you enjoyed yourself creating it :D

Dragons Lair Designs said...

Thank You ladies i hope to test print it this weekend :)

Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

i think this is fabulous. i did a card with this set (which i love) and it will be posted sometime tomorrow on my blog.

hugs :)


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